Border Region Manufacturing Cluster

Focus Areas

Our focus areas are based on what the key issues are for our members. There are 4 workstreams that our activities are focussed on


Our People workstream is focussed on attracting the right talent, recruitment, onboarding, retaining, training and upskilling staff


Our innovation workstream is focussed on developing collaborative projects to enable Productivity Improvements through Lean, Industry 4.0 technology application. R&D and Product Development, Supply chain optimisation, Decarbonisation and Sustainable Manufacturing

Business Development and Internationalisation

Our business development and internationalisation workstream is focussed on increasing collaboration between BORMAC members and across the Irish cluster network, in addition to matchmaking and connections with international clusters

Networking, peer learning, promotion

Our eetworking, peer learning and promotion workstream is focussed on developing BORMAC as a brand, promoting our membership and creating opportunities for members to network and learn from each other. We do this through our Social Media presence and website, Cluster Member networking events, Webinar, cross cluster networking events