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New Partnership Announced for Verus Metrology Partners

New Partnership Announced for Verus Metrology Partners

February 13, 2020

Verus Metrology Partners has announced a new partnership with Apex Metrology Ltd. Under the new partnership, Apex Metrology will supply bespoke metrology fixtures from Verus as well as V-FIX™, the modular metrology fixturing kits from Verus for non-bespoke fixture solutions. The venture also sees Apex become the newest member to join the Verus Approved Partners Programme.

For over 12 years, both companies have worked together to provide clients with a superior turnkey metrology service. This latest alliance strengthens that lengthy working relationship.

A Step in the Right Direction

Long recognised as industry leaders in the delivery of reliable measurement solutions to several world-leading blue-chip companies, the partnership was described as a step in the right direction by Verus Metrology CEO Andrew Hodson.

He said: “We have a strong relationship already established with Apex Metrology that extends for several years now. The signed agreement formalises this and it means we are providing our clients with an additional level of measurement expertise. Therefore, by partnering with Apex, we can utilise their advanced capabilities in calibrating measurement inspection machines and CMM retro fittings.”

Andrew added that the customer-driven values possessed by both organisations were at the forefront of their collaboration.

“Like Verus, Apex Metrology is a customer-orientated service provider who strives to deliver the best customer experience to clients,” Andrew said. “Hence, by incorporating the same client-comes-first mindset to ours, it means both companies can work together to offer a superior turnkey metrology solution service.”

Apex Metrology Ltd

Apex Metrology Ltd, who’s background can be traced back to the days of Ferranti CMM’s, has been independently validating multiple metrology systems and CMM users with Accredited Engineers for the past 17 years.
Providers of precision measurement solutions, Apex Metrology specialise in the supply of CMM equipment, installation, maintenance, hardware support, software support, and Training. With an increasingly diverse customer base, Apex Metrology provides application solutions that address a wide range of specific client requirements.

Brian Young, Managing Director at Apex Metrology, said:  “Solutions that satisfy customer needs are a key deliverable from Apex Metrology. Forming a closer relationship with Verus Metrology Partners, we can provide bundled CMM solutions where the programming, validation, and support offered are complemented by Verus’ experience in bespoke and standard fixturing.

“Reviewing projects together at an early stage has proven successful as specialist knowledge is available prior to commencing work. Customer expectations of receiving a complete work-package mean that with a reliable, experienced resource such as Verus Metrology available, it gives Apex confidence that customers will receive the best support/product for their application.”

To learn more about the Approved Partner Programme at Verus Metrology, contact Andrew Hodson, CEO at Verus Metrology Partners. You can also sign up for the Verus newsletter to stay up to date.