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V-FIX™ – Metrology Excellence in a Kit

V-FIX™ – Metrology Excellence in a Kit

December 19, 2019

V-FIX™, the innovative modular metrology fixtures kit, has changed the way engineers conduct their measurement activities. Its successful launch – and the subsequent Verus Metrology partnership with OGP UK which sees Verus supplying all OGP’s metrology fixtures – has led to the exciting introduction of Verus’ V-FIX eCommerce site.

The advantage of the V-FIX store is that engineers can instantly upgrade their measurement capabilities at the click of a button, taking their metrology processes to the next level.

In addition to being a one-stop-shop for V-FIX™, the new website feature is also a guide for engineers, demonstrating how to get the best measurement results by incorporating the modular fixture kit into their everyday activities.

V-FIX™ enables the measurement of multiple parts at once, increasing throughput. Plus, with an infinite number of possible configurations, engineers have the option to measure various plastic components of different shapes and sizes. This saves significant amounts of time and resources that can then be utilised in more productive ways.

The V-FIX solution was designed by Verus Metrology Partners to enable the rapid construction of interchangeable, pre-assembled holding solutions. Users of the measurement kit can develop several sections offline and secure them into the V-FIX frame when required.

The non-abrasive materials used to manufacture the kits eradicates the threat of part damage, ensuring accurate measurements and a fixture that remains fit for purpose.



Improvements in the Metrology Industry

The metrology industry has witnessed major advances recently with the expanding use of high-performance measuring equipment and systems. Calling for increased accuracy and robustness for a variety of production settings, these high-performance measuring tools require increasingly precise inspection results.

Additionally, metrology specialists are shifting towards a more precision-based industrial environment, along with integrating automation into their metrology solutions. This is especially significant in metrology solution providers that supply the MedTech and pharmaceutical industries.

Influences for these changes involve the inability of conventional inspection tools to address metrology concerns as well as an enhanced emphasis on quality-control. More specifically, metrology solution providers are encountering a higher demand to produce working solutions in a sharper timeframe with increased quality and efficiency.

Advancing the Process of Metrology

As a result of these changes in the metrology industry, Verus revamped its online presence. This culminated in a new and improved online platform with a focus on advising clients of industry-related innovations and advances. One of the main objectives is to emphasize advancements in Verus’ own metrology service offerings.

After all, the metrology industry’s current speedy progression is set against the backdrop of rapid scientific developments in addition to the evolution of metrology solutions. Therefore, the continuous development of current metrology offerings is important to remain a metrology leader within the industry.


V-FIX™ Patent

Innovation is always at the forefront at Verus. Designed to accommodate the ever-growing needs of clients, the V-FIX modular fixture allows engineers to accomplish metrology excellence by integrating the kit into the inspection process. As a result, V-FIX™ was recently granted both Irish and UK product patents, adding further trust in this bespoke metrology fixture solution.

For more information on the Verus V-FIX™ Modular Metrology System contact Ronan O’Hara Verus’ Client Account Manager in Ireland on +353 (0)71 91 43506 (ext. 221) or Jon Banner, UK Group Applications and Development Director on +44 (0)115 7841934.

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